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(Parapsychology Course)

Parapsychology; Multidisciplinary (multi-method) study of paranormal events related to subjects such as non-sensory perception, psychokinesis, life after death.
It is seen by parapsychologists as a field of research on the subject of paranormal abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, the phenomenon of psychokinesis and various other psychic phenomena.
Parapsychology literally means researching the spiritual power of man with his extraordinary abilities.
PARAPSYCHOLOGY Course (3-6-12 months)
Course names of Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Yaşamenergy, Bioenergy, Alternative medicine, Natural therapy, Bioenergy massage and Reflexotherapy course:
Parapsychology course:
Parapsychology in human life;
Teleportation (teleportasiya);
Telekinesis (psychokinesis);
Biomalumat (biohaber);
Spirit transformation (the concept of “karma” in Indian philosophy);
Creatures living in parallel with man;
Extrasens, Extrasensor (Biomalumat, Open image);
Development of extrasensibility.

Life Energy(Bioenergy, Alternative medicine) course:
Life Energy, Bioenerji, Kozmoenerji;
Life Energy (Bioenergy) system, its adjustment and management;
The development of life energy;
Biodiagnostik, Bioteshis;
The Biotedav;
Life energetic protection (work safety of the biodiagnosticist and bioprotector);
Finding and cleaning the aura;
Negative bioenergy cleaning;
Ensuring that life energy comes back;
Natural treatment;
Alternative medicine (theory and practical application).

Bioenergy massage and Reflexotherapy course:
Renewal of bioenergy (life energy), cleaning of biofield;
Activation and return of normal and active points and meridians;
Bioenergy Chinese and Japanese massages (from touch and touch);
Massage time protection from negative energy;
Removing negative bioenergetics, bioenergetic cleaning;
Renewal of positive energy balance.

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